Martino Prendini - Rovigo, Italy

I'm a bit like those spoiled kids, you know? Always saying "I want it too" when they see something that draws their attention. When I see something I like I can't help but say "I want make it too".
It's a matter of curiosity, first of all, and probably curiosity is my main quality.

I love the new and experimental ways of the digital era as well as the concreteness of the traditional art. So there're no real limits: mix together techniques and styles, turn own limitations and imperfections to something peculiar and unique -that's the point I try to reach.

Ok, I've said you that I'm mainly an illustrator and a 2d animator, but there may be a lot to say. My path starts with the graphic design and meets shooting and different visual medias. I think to be not really great in any of these (or not without strong effort), but it's joining them together that I can make something really interesting. The creativity works better without definitions, right?
That's why I love to have the art direction of a project. Yeah, of course, pretty obvious I know. But it is so, and maybe what I do can speak better than me.
Well, but we can talk directly, you know? I've a contact page (classic) and here's a few social accounts where to find out more about me and my work and keep in touch:


And take a look to Anatomie der Form for my inspirations, I’m writing about glitch art, indie video games, tattoo design and more.


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